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Windows 10 is here to stay


With Windows 10, companies are faced with the last and also the biggest migration to a new Windows operating system. In addition to the daily tasks, this means extra effort for the IT infrastructure of a company. First, it is necessary to gain an overview of all devices and applications in the enterprise. The subsequent adjustment of the software portfolio ensures that only the applications which are to be executed on Windows 10 will be tested against the new operating system. This saves resources and unnecessary expenses. After this, applications must be repackaged or replaced with new ones in order to ensure a safe and reliable delivery on the new operating system.

Start planning your migration now. Windows 10 is the only thing that remains.


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Is your Enterprise ready?


When it comes to the migration to Windows 10, companies are faced with the uncertainty if their applications are compatible with the new target platform. They usually have difficulties to foresee potential disturbing factors. This does not only lead to unexpected delays, but costs a lot of precious time and money as well.


Raynet not only allows you to migrate your next OS system, but also to prepare your business for future Windows 10 scenarios!




Quick Check of Readiness



Do you know about the actual number of devices within your enterprise infrastructure?


Do you know which applications you want to / have to run in the future Windows 10 scenario?


Do you know which of your devices need special security and stability measures? 


Do you know which Windows 10 Edition has to be deployed to your devices? 


Your enterprise is not ready?

Choose one of your possibilities now!


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We do it for you


Get ready for Windows 10 with Raynet´s Collision and Compatibility Management and the 7-step method DIRROCI


Machine Discovery




Software Inventory




Application Recognition




Application Rationalization




Application OS Collision Detection


OS Collision Detection


Application Collision Remediation


Collision Remediation


Application  Integration Detection


Integration Detection


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What do we do for you in detail?


Get a result whether your application is ready for the target system. 


1. Machine Discovery

Scan of landscape to discover all devices in the case these are not already known.


2. Software Inventory

Complete inventory of all devices and their installed software, both as recognized application and raw inventory.


3. Application Recognition

Matching of inventoried raw data to a recognized application.


4. Application Rationalization 

A comprehensive rationalization covering at a minimum the redundant versions, languages and feature Sets.


5. Application OS Collision Detection

In depth analysis of applications against Windows 10 and pre-defined sets of applications.


6. Application Collision Remediation 

Automated or manual remediation of conflicts found in Step #5: Collision Detection.


7. Application Integration Detection 

In depth analysis of applications against pre-defined sets of applications.


DIRROCI Overview 

DIRROCI Overview Graphic



Get your free Application Readiness Quick Check for Windows 10


RayQC Advanced will automatically check your package and create a report for you, showing whether your application is ready for Windows 10. You may upload up to three packages. Your report will be generated automatically. The process may take some minutes. When the process is finished, an email will be send to your account address.

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Application Readiness Quick Check for Windows 10
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Application Readiness Quick Check for Windows 10
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Application Readiness Quick Check for Windows 10
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Do it yourself


The brand new RayQC Advanced is an extension module of RayQC. This extension provides the ability to the Packaging Team to execute automatic collision and compatibility tests. The tests allow to determine whether a software package is fit for usage within a specific environment, along with other applications, and in virtualized operation modes.




RayQC Advanced


The perfect combination for an optimal migration

Starting with an extensive portfolio analysis of hardware and software inventory data. The subsequent adjustment of the software portfolio ensures that only the applications which are to be executed on Windows 10 will be tested against the new operating system. Following packages can be adjusted and re-packed. RayFlow offers throughout th migration process, a clear process overview and administration.

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RayVentory – Smarter Software and Hardware Inventory

RayVentory Advanced – Smarter Software and Hardware Inventory 

RayQC Advanced – Collision and Compatibility Management

RayQC Advanced – Collision and Compatibility Management 

RayPack – Enterprise Packaging Solution

RayPack – Enterprise Packaging Solution 

RayFlow – Workflow Management Tool

RayFlow – Workflow Management Tool 


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